Building devices at scales beyond modern form factors

Full Design Capability

All our design work is conducted in-house, underpinned by a robust quality management system. We have a seamless design flow between FGPA, Schematic Capture, PCB Layout and 3D modelling.

Creating future platforms


We have entered a significant phase to create a suite of end user devices and systems that showcase our intellectual property's concepts, capabilities and use cases.

Importantly for Soverin Technologies, it’s an opportunity to get feedback from end users, forge partnerships and build a strong foundation for future development.

Our Core IP unleashed on the most advanced silicon

High-speed Logic

Our primary development thread is focused on designing and developing architectures that demonstrate inimitable information assurance.

We target commercial FPGA and SoC devices. Where appropriate, IP is hardened and implemented in our custom silicon designs.

Intellectual Property

Safeguarding our proprietary techniques, algorithms and know-how is vital to Soverin Technologies. We have partnered with a patent Attorney to commence the preparation of several applications.

We are working towards packaging and releasing our IP on license with an FPGA engineering service to support customer integration activities.

Knowledge and expertise as a service

System Integration

We're tailored towards building bespoke, rugged storage and communications systems. Our agile and lean operation can tackle UORs or rapid prototyping demands.

Please discuss your requirements with us and find out if we can help.

Crafted to your spec

Rapid Prototyping

We undertake all aspects of electromechanical design, creating packaging and enclosures suitable for the harshest environments.

Our workshop supports 3D printing, CNC machining, assembly and test. Expansion is planned in lockstep with our R&D activities.

Manufacturing Development

Soverin Technologies is working with partners to develop the machines that run our next generation of processes.

We're laying the foundations for an energy-efficient operation that minimises waste and environmental impact.

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