Sparking Innovation

Don't Bolt-on Anymore

Mitigating information risk with post-production modifications is effective but incurs additional cost, SWaP and operational complexity.

Our approach will yield a suite of products with an inimitable suite of protection and capabilities built in.

Delivered, Off The Shelf

Our technology is deeply embedded into supply chains and is fully compatible with existing manufacturing techniques. Products augmented with Soverin Technologies are indistinguishable from their commercial counterparts.

The final product delivers a level of information assurance that was previously difficult and expensive to achieve using third-party bolt-ons.

Pioneering Architectures

Device Protection

Supply chains, procurement and deployments all become streamlined. Device feature sets are dynamic, configured by policy and adapt to changing environments.

Our architecture can adapt and grow in performance to meet the demands of larger static or nomadic computing platforms.

Hardware Trust Levels

We are creating levels of trust gained only from immutable hardware and a service operating throughout the product lifecycle.

Functionality can be tailored to specific applications and react to changes in the operational environment - all enforced by hardware.

Unifying storage and communication information assurance

Data in transit

The algorithms in development are protocol agnostic and adept at handling the intricacies of storage and communication standards.

We go beyond the end device with an architecture that secures communications on a global scale.

Protocol Evolution

Our intellectual property is compatible with a comprehensive set of industry standards and is future proof by design.

Interoperability across multiple vendors is an essential requirement. We do not create any form of lock in or employ bespoke protocols.

Global Reach

Our Integrated Service Wrap brings throughout life cycle management to assets augmented with our technology. Mitigate your security risks and respond rapidly to threat level fluctuation.

Gain assurance that information is stored and communicated securely within trusted environments. Orchestrate services tailored for operational demands.

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